1.   Free Shipping   (  HK & Macau  )    

Free shipping is provided to all addresses in Hong Kong and Macau SARs only.

Your order will be shipped out from our factory in Dongguan, China within 1 to 2 business days after payment.

We will deliver your ordered tree(s) to any address in Hong Kong or Macau within 3 to 4 business days after order.

Our online prices in Hong Kong Dollars have already included free shipping to the customer's door without any surcharge by SF Express.

Shipping will be arranged through our courier partner SF-Express.

2.   Pre-Orders    (  Ship from Factory  )    

Pre-Order at anytime before 15 August 2024 in advance for free shipping to all Hong Kong addresses with delivery to the customer's door between 25 October and 05 November 2024.

Your Pre-Ordered tree(s) will be made-to-order, and ship out from our factory by SF-Express to arrive your address in Hong Kong or Macau between 25 October and 05 November 2024.

Our online prices in Hong Kong Dollars have already included free shipping to the customer's door without any surcharge by SF Express.

Oncor always keeps large stock of all trees that we are currently offering online, because we produce Christmas trees, non-stop every month, to store in our warehouse for 100% on time delivery to tens of millions of Oncor customers in over 100 countries.

We can deliver ordered tree(s) from our factory in Dongguan, China to any address in Hong Kong or Macau, arriving the customer's door within 3 to 4 business days after ordering and paying online through Paypal or local bank transfer to our HSBC account.

We sell Recycled Christmas trees online both to businesses and consumers at the same price. Many business and organizational buyers do order in large quantity from us at our online prices every Christmas.


Special Offer Limited Time
Alaska Hinge Basic Version
Alaska Hook Basic Version
Alaska Slim Hinge Basic Version
Allegheny Slim Hinge Basic Version
Alpine Hook Basic Version
Arizona Hinge Basic Version
Aspen Hinge Basic Version
Aspen Hinge* Basic Version
Aspen Hinge. Luxury Version
Aspen Hinge_ Premium Version
Aspen Hook Basic Version
Balsam Hinge Christal Brand
Balsam Hinge. Premium Version
Balsam Hinge_ Basic Version
Balsam Hook Christal Brand
Black Forest Hinge Basic Version
Black Forest Hinge. Premium Version
Black Forest Hook Basic Version
Blue Glittered Arctic Basic Version
Blue Scotia Hinge Christal Brand
Blue Spruce Hook Basic Version
Canadian Hinge Basic Version
Carolina Hook Basic Version
Cherry Hook Basic Version
Christmas Hinge Basic Version
Christmas Hook Basic Version
Colorado Hinge Basic Version
Colorado Hook Basic Version
Colorado Slim Hinge Basic Version
Colorado Slim Hook Basic Version
Deluxe Balsam Hook Basic Version
Deluxe Bavarian Hook Basic Version
Deluxe Forest Hook Basic Version
Douglas Hinge Premium Version
Douglas Hook Basic Version
Forest Hinge Premium Version
Frosted Hook Basic Version
Frosted Silver Hook Basic Version
Frosted Slim Hinge Christal Brand
Glacier Hook Basic Version
Glittered Arctic Hook Basic Version
Golden Kalahari Tree Luxury Version
Golden Sitka Tree Luxury Version
Green Sparkling Hook Basic Version
Juniper Snow Hook Basic Version
Luxuriant Hook Basic Version
Maes Noble Hook Basic Version
Maine Tabletop Basic Version
Majestic Hinge Basic Version
Mixed Alberta Hinge Basic Version
Mixed Blue Scotia Premium Version
Mixed Hook Basic Version
Montana Hook Basic Version
Monterey Hook Basic Version
Noble Hook Basic Version
Nordmann Hinge Christal Brand
Norway Hinge Premium Version
Oregon Hook Basic Version
Orlando Hook Basic Version
Parana Hook Basic Version
Rocky Mountain Hinge Basic Version
Santa Snow Hook Basic Version
Serbian Hinge Luxury Version
Shimmering Galaxy Hook Basic Version
Shimmering Mountain Hook Basic Version
Slim Fraser Hinge Basic Version
Slim Fraser Hinge. Premium Version
Slim Hinge Christal Brand
Slim Mixed Hinge Basic Version
Slim Noble Hinge Basic Version
Slim Norway Hook Basic Version
Slim Parana Hook Basic Version
Slim Pencil Hinge Basic Version
Smoky Mountain Hinge Basic Version
Smoky Mountain Hinge. Premium Version
Smoky Mountain Hook Basic Version
Snowy Blue Hook Basic Version
Snowy Highland Hook Basic Version
Texas Blue Hook Basic Version
Vermont Hook Basic Version
Vienna Hook Basic Version
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