*** English Version of Oncor’s Manufacturing Heritage ***

Brief Introduction of Dongguan Oncor Arts Factory

Dongguan Oncor Arts Factory has been established since 1980 in Qishi, by an export processing licence with our investment from Hong Kong. The original licence was granted by the Dongguan County Administration under the permit number of (80)126 with the first manufacturing plant located at Taelukang Production Brigade, Qishi People’s Commune, Dongguan County, Oncor is currently the longest enduring business in Qishi.

Since the establishment, Oncor has set up a total of six manufacturing plants in Dongguan Municipality: Taelukang Village, Xialang Village (Qishi 2nd Industrial Zone), Zhenhua Industrial Zone, Xinnan Village, Dongguan Lichuan and Shipai.

Oncor has always been a model employer in Qishi, and being a caring enterprise with people-oriented principles, we have always paid the highest wages and fringe benefits. The monthly income level of our colleagues is always the highest in our town. All our colleagues are under full social and medical insurance coverage, and every colleague is an income tax payer. We have, accumulated over time, employed more than 120,000 employees throughout the years, many local residents and migrant workers have once worked at Oncor.

Oncor is also an eco-friendly factory with Corporate Social Responsibility. Our purpose is to make Christmas eco-friendly. All Oncor Recycled Christmas trees are made of 100% Recycled PVC plastic. Every Oncor tree can be Reused for 30 or more years. Every year, we save at least 6 million living Christmas trees from being cut, and also prevent those 6 million trees from later being disposed to landfills.

We pledge to our colleagues: "To take good care of both physical and mental health of all Oncor colleagues for the well-being of their families." Oncor provides all colleagues with the most safe and healthy food, and Watsons distilled water every day. We keep a happy working environment, free to work any day, voluntarily work overtime, and self-autonomous vacations. We also provide a specially prepared longevity soup to all colleagues and interns at lunch time on every working day. Among all 120,000 employees we have, or had, hired so far, no single employee has ever been diagnosed with Stroke or Cancer while under our employment.

We treat all our stakeholders, including employees, customers, consumers, suppliers, local administration and community members in accordance with Oncor Spirit: "Sincere to Every Person."  When our stakeholders encounter a serious disaster, we will voluntarily offer our help and do our best.

Striving to become the first centennial manufacturer in our industry, we have started to reshape our corporate culture from 2005; we have since abandoned all those products other than Recycled Christmas trees, and also adopt the new manufacturing methods: "Simplification, Standardization, Specialization.” The aspiration of Oncor colleagues is to take root in Dongguan for lasting at least 200 to 300 years.

*** Following is the original Brief Introduction in Chinese ***

Oncor Recycled Christmas Trees

Oncor Recycled Christmas Trees

Oncor Recycled Christmas Trees
Oncor Recycled Christmas Trees

Alaska Pine Hinge Trees
Alaska Pine Hook Trees
Alaska Pine Slim Hinge Trees
Allegheny Slim Pine Trees
Alpine Spruce Hook Trees
Aspen Fir Hinge Trees
Black Forest Hinge Trees
Black Forest Hook Trees
Black Forest Premium Hinge Trees
Blue Glittered Arctic Hook Trees
Blue Spruce Hook Trees
Canadian Pine Hinge Trees
Carolina Fir Hook Trees
Cherry Pine Hook Trees
Christmas Pine Hinge Trees
Christmas Pine Hook Trees
Colorado Fir Hook Trees
Colorado Slim Hook Trees
Colorado Spruce Hinge Trees
Colorado Spruce Slim Hinge Trees
Deluxe Balsam Hook Trees
Deluxe Bavarian Hook Trees
Deluxe Forest Hook Trees
Douglas Fir Hook Trees
Frosted Fir Hook Trees
Frosted Silver Fir Hook Trees
Glacier Pine Hook Trees
Glittered Arctic Hook Trees
Green Sparkling Hook Trees
Juniper Snow Hook Trees
Majestic Fir Hinge Trees
Mixed Alberta Fir Hinge Trees
Mixed Blue Scotia Fir Premium Hinge Tree
Mixed Pine Hook Trees
Montana Spruce Hook Trees
Monterey Pine Hook Trees
Noble Pine Hook Trees
Oregon Fir Hook Trees
Orlando Fir Hook Trees
Parana Pine Hook Trees
Premium Version Black Forest
Rocky Mountain Spruce Hinge Trees
Santa Snow Pine Hook Trees
Shimmering Galaxy Hook Trees
Shimmering Mountain Hook Trees
Slim Frasier Hinge Trees
Slim Mixed Pine Hinge Trees
Slim Noble Spruce Hinge Trees
Slim Norway Spruce Hook Trees
Slim Parana Pine Hook Trees
Slim Pencil Hinge Trees
Smoky Mountain Hinge Trees
Smoky Mountain Hook Trees
Smoky Mountain Premium Trees
Snowy Blue Hook Trees
Snowy Highland Hook Trees
Texas Blue Spruce Hook Trees
Vienna Pine Hook Trees
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